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A recent combined study from the University canadian roulette of Central Florida shows labour force growth is predicted to average close to 1.3% during 2013-2016 and as unemployment rates have fallen from their peak, are now expected to hit 6% in 2016. The construction sector is seen to have the strongest growth during 2013-2016 as housing starts surge (see the attached graph). Total housing starts will be over 125,000 in 2014, just above 160,000 in 2015 and then predicted to hit 176,000 in 2016.

Low inventories and rising house prices have triggered resurgence in new home construction with housing starts to average 31.4% growth during 2013-2016. Land values will rise !

Our US land investments are SIPP compliant.  If you are looking for alternative pension investments, USA land can be acquired using your SIPP.  Please talk to your IFA for independent advice.

Read the latest blog entry on Cape Coral and South West Florida here

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Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples ranked in top 10 in housing price increases

The Cape Coral-Fort Myers area was again third and Naples was rose to sixth in quarterly housing prices, according to a survey by the National Association of Realtors.

The median existing single-family home price increased by 64 percent of measured markets, with 142 out of 163 metropolitan statistical areas showing gains based on closings in the first quarter of 2016 compared with the fourth quarter of 2015, according to the report.

Fifty areas, 25 percent, had double-digit gains;  and 9 had price declines.

Cape Coral-Fort Myers had an increase of 21.4 percent to $183,800. Sacramento, Calif., was first at 27.1 percent and Atlanta was second at 24.7 percent.
Naples, in sixth place, had an increase of 20.1 percent to $355,500.


**UPDATE, June 2nd 2015**

Please visit the following link for an update on the SEC vs. NDD,


On May 6th 2015, North Dakota Developments (NDD,) and its owners, Robert Gavin, CEO and Danny Hogan, COO are being investigated by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) for an alleged ‘ponzi like’ scheme, and misrepresentation of investor funds, as such the company has had all its assets temporarily frozen. Please search SEC for filed papers from Plaintiff (SEC.)

**18th May 2015**
It has come to my attention that UPI has been misquoted in the Mail on Sunday as “not interested” with respect of investors concerns in NDD’s alleged misappropriation of investor funds. I would like to reassure all our investors that this is wide off the mark and a complete misrepresentation. It is on the advice of our legal council that we cannot speak to the press given that the SEC’s investigation is still ongoing. For the record I have never spoken with the journalist who wrote the article.

Furthermore, myself and my staff are absolutely shocked and dismayed by the allegations being made in the SEC’s investigation, and we like everybody else first found out after the case had been brought into the public domain. It appears that like our investors, we have all been lied to by NDD and it’s owners.

Last week I wrote to our own investors with an update. Unfortunately, at this time we only know as much as everybody else does. We have attempted to call and email NDD’s Milton Keynes office several times over the last 2 weeks, but unfortunately we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to get through.

We will continue to monitor the outcome of the court case, and I would advise all investors do the same.

We are available to discuss with our investors if needed, but will not have any other info other than what is in the public domain already. NDD will not communicate with us despite our best attempts.


Oliver Booth – Director

Land Lots, Bella Vista, AR | From $6,000

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Availability is Limited

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Despite the growth shown in Real Estate prices within Major Cities in the US, did you know that one of the fastest growing sectors within the US Real Estate market is actually to be found in secondary markets?

In particular, quality building land? According to the Wall Street Journal, quality building land increased by 13% last year. The Wall Street Journal further cites that building land decreased in value by 58% from 2006 to 2012, this is because land assets were the first asset to be sold by developers and banks during the crisis – often at a fraction of their values.

The rebounding US housing market has sparked renewed interest in land and increases in land prices, meaning big profits of land investors without the need for expensive building or refurbishment works. The increases in land prices is caused by growing demand amongst home builders for finished lots (or ready-to-build sites) where sewage lines,  electrical-power hookups and other infrastructure are already in place.

The US Census Bureau reported that in February, builders were on pace to sell 411,000 homes this year, an annual increase of 12.3% with the last 6 months showing even greater growth at 27.7%

Despite this growth, land prices nationally are still far from the peak levels reached in 2005 and 2006. This means opportunity.

The Opportunity
Simply the acquisition of lots, with building permits and authority in place, at a fraction of their 2005 values and below the current assessed value;

•  Buy building lot at around 70% of its ASSESSED VALUE and 30% of its 2005 VALUE
•  Area has only 64 months of lots available to keep up with building flow (Arvest Bank)
•  Institutions hold large number of lots; this makes them illiquid to individual buyers as Institutions will only negotiate with House Builder firms and not individual buyers
•  No build costs associated
•  All lots are master planned and with building permits and all infrastructure in place

For Investors
Through careful due diligence and economic modeling, we have identified a sector  that benefits from several key factors and is enjoying above average growth in an number of key economic areas:

  • Ranks in top 10 of hospital bed and medical staff per head of population
    •  4th Lowest cost of living index in US, 12% below National Average
    •  Top 10 Population growth rates in the US with a 56% population growth in 10 years
    •  One of the Top 10 safest cities in the entire US
    •  Unemployment is at 4.4%
    •  2013 saw a 64% increase in new build homes


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‘Canadians are buying everywhere': Money pours into real estate ETFs

Investors are putting money into real estate companies outside the U.S. at a record pace as interest rates recede, economies expand and opportunities remain to buy assets at discounts amid lingering distress from the global financial crisis.

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