Am I allowed to buy property in the USA?

One of the most common questions we get in this business is: are foreigners allowed to buy properties in the US? This is partly due to well-publicized restrictions in certain countries and partly due to a lack of information on the subject.

Well the simple answer is YES, foreign nationals are perfectly able and legally permitted to purchase property in the US.

As it has always been US government policy to encourage inwards investment, the US authorities have not placed any restrictions on UK (or any other nationality) investors buying property. Whether through cash or financing, there are no restrictions.

But buying a property in the US does not entitle you to US citizenship or a green card, but it may help if this is your ultimate goal. You should obtain an International Tax ID (ITIN,) and this is very straightforward.

Travelling to the US is also pretty easy for nationals of EU countries with an online Visa waiver procedure applied which normally results in a visa being granted within seconds.

As UK and European property markets have crashed due to the global downturn, the US is becoming more and more attractive for potential property investments with high yields.