Are you an ‘out of the box thinker?’

We are all programmed to think that our money is safe in the bank – this is necessary for the banks and in fact governments to prosper. But has this recession taught us anything or will it all be forgotten (and forgiven) in a few years from now?

I hope not! I believe the next few years could bring a whole new era of ‘out of the box’ thinkers and entrepreneurs, regular people who take a bullish approach to the conventional ways of making money.

Even at my tender age (I’m 29 by the way) I remember when I left school my mother would tell me to find a good job that offers stability and good pay. The idea that you might actually enjoy what you do seemed completely irrelevant . We’ve seen this mind set shift in recent years, even my mother has conceded that being happy in your work is now a real priority. A new era of working class has emerged that demand not just high salaries but a balance between work and lifestyle is equally important.

What changes will you be making this year? Will you be taking advantage of these weaker times while the masses bury their heads in the sand hoping it’ll all be over soon.

I hope you are an ‘out of the box thinker’ too.