back to basics

I think it’s easier to make money if you don’t crave it. In my days as an IT consultant I had a very good job and lifestyle working for IBM. I’d earn 40k a year work from home and pretty much suit myself day to day. During this time agencies would call me up every week and try to entice me to leave and go contracting for more money. I resisted for a long time but eventually the lure of 100k+ a year following the work around the world was too much to take and i left the ‘day job.’

Strange, I owe that decision to the life I have now despite the fact it was the most unhappy working days I’ve ever had. My time as a contractor was short lived, my health suffered and my lifestyle was, to put mildly shallow and disfunctional. But like any human, when the back’s against the wall that’s when we prevail – and I did!

Going back to my ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ books I remembered the ‘cash flow quadrant': employee, self employed/contractor, business owner, or investor. I’d now been two: an employee – not for me, and a contractor – nope!

I started investing in property amongst other things and soon realised my passion was rooted in investing for my lifestyle NOW and my future (and hopefully my family’s future.)

I promise you this is true: there is no better way to earn a living then waking up every morning and deciding when and where you will work…I could literally be anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop – what an age we live in, I’m so glad I exist in these times. Sometimes I think there is no limit to what can be achieved using technology.

So now I’m here writing this I feel a warm sense of (almost) completness ;-) I don’t crave the greenback, but I understand how important it is. I don’t work 15 hour days, but I don’t mind hard work. I don’t work on things I hate doing, but I know sacrifices have to made in life from time to time, and I don’t spend hours in the rush hour commute. And, I suppose ironically, I WANT and CAN work until I’m a 100 years old – just because I have the ‘choice’ to.

So, as far as my plans for my future go, I plan to continue investing in property mostly, but also expanding into other investment vehicles as I learn more every day and become a older, wiser, and better person in all areas of my life.

viva la choice!