Detroit – A Unique Opportunity

I’m sure all of you that read our newletter will know all about our Detroit program and will of likely received our investment prospectus.

We first highlighted the Detroit opportunity over 18 months ago and have since sourced over 90 properties for new and experienced investors within our program, which is hardly surprising given that it ticks every box we look for in an investment.

Key highlights include:

  • Can you buy below current market value?
  • What is the likelihood prices will increase over the next 5 years?
  • Local affordability – are locals able to buy and rent here?
  • What rental yields can I expect?
  • Is financing available?

The answer to all of these five questions is of course YES. Detroit offers investors a window of opportunity in which to buy property significantly below market value, often 50% whilst retaining high rental yields by taking advantage of the government’s HUD scheme.

A market leading product? Definitely!

We can offer financing, guaranteed for all our investors with a low, fixed rate of interest of only 3.95%.  Currently we are the only company offering financing.  And everybody qualifies.

Our properties start from $36,000, at least 15% cheaper than any other UK company.

A minimum 13% NET yield on our program.  Often higher, we only source properties that will give our investors at least this.

Watch us discussing our Detroit investment opportunity at the recent Bristol seminar Part 1

Key Points:

Low prices. 3 & 4 bedroom, fully refurbished houses from $36,000 – often 50% under market value.

High demand for rental property. Currently there are over 9,000 families on a waiting list for good rental property.

GUARANTEED rents. We focus on tenants on the HUD scheme (Housing and Urban Development.) The government will pay the rents directly to you every month. We now offer investors a 12 month maintenance guarantee as well.

Predicted capital appreciation. The biggest car manufacturers have been granted billions to reinvest in the city’s car industry creating thousands of new jobs for the local workforce.

Available mortgages. We can provide a very attractive level of financing GUARANTEED for every one of our investors, with fixed rates from 3.95%. We are currently the only company in the world able to provide financing.

Rental yields. As ex-homeowners have turned to rented accommodation demand has soared. A typical 3 bedroom home can be rented for over $800 a month. This means an average investment through us gives a whopping 13% NET yield – minimum!

Positive cash flow. Why else do we invest? Cash is king in this business and our properties give the investor guaranteed positive cash flow every month.
Currently, we are taking 2-3 reservations weekly.  If you’d like to talk to us about this opportunity, please complete your details here on our website or call us on (44) 0845 438 0634