Detroit – How do you make sure you’re buying in the right areas?

Like any big city in the world, Detroit has good and less desirable areas. That is why just blindly buying any Detroit property as a long term investment is a mistake. Instead you want to work with people who know what areas are poised for a long term recovery in Detroit as we do. The internet cannot help you, Google Maps cannot help you, cannot help you. They just lump all properties together. Instead our investors need to understand three things when they start building their rental portfolio:

1. When you buy in the right areas — your properties will always be in high demand – even if a tenant leaves it will be immediately rented out.

2. Buy in the right area and your tenants will live there for a very very long time. Why would they want to leave?

3. Don’t try to guess what is the right or wrong area in Detroit. Instead work with USA Property Investor who can guide you to the right areas and right properties in the best neighborhoods. This way you will avoid making costly mistakes.