Detroit Investment – A Unique Opportunity

Meet our Detroit partners Mark and Derrick. Listen to them talk about all things property and why the Detroit property market is one of the most profitable investment markets in the world. Follow our blog for a whole series of videos with Mark and Derrick.

  1. Geeta Sinanan

    Interested in finding out how to go about purchasing such a property. What is the downpayment? Would the rent cover the monthly mortgage payments? I am a US Resident living in the UK at the moment but would like to invest in something over there, if not in Detroit then maybe in Florida.

  2. Ollie

    within our Detroit program we have 50% financing available. A total investment would be, inc. all fees etc is around $24,000US or £15k. Financing is non-status and available to all our clients that join our program. Your monthly income would be around $300 US after ALL associated costs.

    Hope this helps, Oliver, 07807 52 502.