Detroit Property up | Ranks No.1 in Real Estate Market

A great article about the Detroit property market:

Homes for sale in Detroit are finding ready buyers as the property market picks up says realtors.

Real estate in Detroit is increasing in value, says a new report. ‘Motor City,’ the capital of America’s car industry for decades, Detroit is, according to the latest House Predictor forecasts, number one in housing market growth in the US with a remarkable increase in prices of 21.5% in 2010.

A surge of growth in startup property management companies across the city to cater for the high demand of rental property and investors moving into the market can be seen throughout Detroit.

Growth in the industrial and service sectors have seen a demand for homes for rent in Detroit. There is currently a shortfall of some 30,000 rental homes in the Metro Detroit area and shrewd buy-to-let investors are purchasing refurbished family homes in the most sought after locations at prices as little as £32,000, at huge discounts to market value.

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