Detroit ticks all the right boxes for our investors

We had a fantastic number of new clients joining our Detroit program over the last two months in what is traditionally the quietest time of the year!

Not so surprising really when you look at our 5 key points:
• Can we buy below current market value?
• Is their evidence for prices to rise over the next 5 years?
• Can the local market afford to buy and rent here?
• What rental yields can I get now? And if prices rise?
• What lending is available to us, and to other investors/home owners?

Detroit for us has always answered all these questions and ticked all the right boxes.

Why is our product market leading?
1. We believe we are the only company offering finance – at 3.95% interest fixed over 10 years!
2. We have secured our properties at 15% below other UK property companies, giving an excellent discount to investors!

Low prices. 3 & 4 bedroom, fully refurbished houses from $36,000 – often 50% and more under market value.

High demand for rental property. Currently there are over 9,000 families on a waiting list for good rental property. The government is desperate for housing from private investment, and we can rent these for $800 a month.

GUARANTEED rents. We focus on tenants on the HUD scheme (Housing and Urban Development.) The government will pay the rents directly to you every month.

Here is a typical Example…

This is a stunning property in a very desirable area of Detroit. A three bedroom, two bath colonial property with over 1600 sq ft. The property is about to begin refurbishment in preparation for rental and resale. A house like this 5 years ago would have sold over $150,000. The property will be sold turn-key, refurbished, tenanted and professionally managed. (already under offer)

The Figures

Cash Purchase
Purchase Price: – $36,000 (£23,500) inc. all purchase and refurbishment costs

Potential Ongoing Cash-flow per month
Rental Income: – $850
Management: – $85
Insurance: – $55
Property taxes – $215
Profit: – $495

The Figures (on a mortgaged deal)

50% LTV Purchase
Purchase Price: – $40,000 (£26,000)
Mortgage 50% – $20,000
Deposit – $20,000 (£12,900)

Potential Ongoing Cash-flow per month
Rental Income: – $850
*Mortgage: – $202.02
Management: – $85
Insurance: – $55
Property taxes – $215
Profit: – $293
*Mortgage based on 10 year fixed rate capital repayment @3.95%

Interested? Give us a call or drop us an email,