Ford deliver biggest bonus to workers in a decade

Ford’s hourly workers have been granted an unexpected $5k bonus after Ford deliver their most profitable quarter since the recession started.

Ford released profits n 2010 of 6.6 billion – a massive boost to the automakers and the local economy in Detroit and surrounding areas.

The $5k bonuses will go out to the 40,600 hourly workers in mid-March, and are nearly 10 times greater than last years bonuses of only $450.

Many workers were elated by the news but believe they deserve more for the deep concessions they made to help the automaker survive the most recent recession and downsizing.

Economists say it won’t take long for the extra income to ripple throughout Metro Detroit and other areas in which Ford has sizable work forces.

“Things are definatley looking up for Ford, and it’s workers. These bonuses will allow employees to perhaps spend a little more on the high street, or perhaps upgrade their homes.”