Have you got the property bug?

I have. When I bought my first property, this was actually a UK property a few years ago when yields made sense. All I could think of was if this property earns me £100 a month, then how many of these little ‘bits’ do I need before I can give up the day job. That is all I thought about, and quite frankly all I cared about.

To be honest, in many ways not much has changed for me. I believe wholeheartedly in wealth creation and passive income through property.

Every property I buy in the US brings me closer and closer to my goal. The hardest challenge I have in my quest is a personal demon called ‘impatience.’ This is one of the biggest challenges any property investor faces. Learning to be patient is a must in this business.

Learning to take bite size chunks, methodically, and consistently will keep you steady and calm and enable you to see opportunites when they are presented while others run around like headless chickens.

My advice, write down you goals, shoot for the stars – why not! but make sure you put a timescale on it. and STICK TO THEM. Property investing is simply the most consistent investment vehicle in the history of the world – nothing else comes even close to the returns and possibilites we have with property.

..Long may it continue.