**UPDATE, June 2nd 2015**

Please visit the following link for an update on the SEC vs. NDD,


On May 6th 2015, North Dakota Developments (NDD,) and its owners, Robert Gavin, CEO and Danny Hogan, COO are being investigated by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) for an alleged ‘ponzi like’ scheme, and misrepresentation of investor funds, as such the company has had all its assets temporarily frozen. Please search SEC for filed papers from Plaintiff (SEC.)

**18th May 2015**
It has come to my attention that UPI has been misquoted in the Mail on Sunday as “not interested” with respect of investors concerns in NDD’s alleged misappropriation of investor funds. I would like to reassure all our investors that this is wide off the mark and a complete misrepresentation. It is on the advice of our legal council that we cannot speak to the press given that the SEC’s investigation is still ongoing. For the record I have never spoken with the journalist who wrote the article.

Furthermore, myself and my staff are absolutely shocked and dismayed by the allegations being made in the SEC’s investigation, and we like everybody else first found out after the case had been brought into the public domain. It appears that like our investors, we have all been lied to by NDD and it’s owners.

Last week I wrote to our own investors with an update. Unfortunately, at this time we only know as much as everybody else does. We have attempted to call and email NDD’s Milton Keynes office several times over the last 2 weeks, but unfortunately we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to get through.

We will continue to monitor the outcome of the court case, and I would advise all investors do the same.

We are available to discuss with our investors if needed, but will not have any other info other than what is in the public domain already. NDD will not communicate with us despite our best attempts.


Oliver Booth – Director