The Effect of Jobs, Housing, Europe and Oil on the Economy.

The economy is being seriously affected by all these factors.

Evidence shows that the US job market has slowed down in the last few months with 80,000 jobs added in June. Although the economy is adding jobs, it is not enough to bring down unemployment substantially.
The second factor, housing is improving for the first time in years with home sales being much stronger last month as well as prices starting to slowly rise. In time this will support economic growth and potentially could affect job growth too.
Unfortunately the economic problems in Europe continue to drag down the US manufacturing sector as well as other world economies such as China & Brazil. All that can be hoped for is continued measures to buy time in order to allow their economies to rebound.
The final factor Oil is a significant positive factor, with oil prices down 20% it has the potential to stimulate the economy even further.
Taking all these factors into account the general outlook is positive. Although the economy in Europe has a negative effect, the positives of Housing, Oil and Jobs can only be a good thing for the future of the US Economy.