UPI Reaches Landmark $500 Million Investment

After six years in the US markets, from Buffalo to Detroit, Memphis to Atlanta, Texas to Arizona, North Dakota and beyond. UPI has transacted over $500 Million in property and land sales for our clients.

Our diversity and lateral approach to the changing markets have kept us ahead of the curve and the market leaders in US property sales consistently over the past 6 years.

Every one of our clients has benefited from our strategy to provide the lowest prices and the strongest returns in what is the most exciting opportunity in property investing in a generation.

“Helping clients achieve there investment ambitions is as exciting today as it was six years ago and an absolute honour.

We’ve brought our clients a whole range of investments, and that doesn’t just mean straightforward property sales; Low interest mortgages in Detroit, high financing in Texas, Land Contracts, Caribbean land lots, our ‘Wealth Thru Repetition’ programme, and so much more.

Whether we’re working with individual investors or large private equity groups our approach is always the same. We only source the best property available in the markets at the most competitive prices”

Oliver Booth, MD

If there was ever a perfect time to invest – IT IS NOW!