USA Property Investor is on the move….

We’ve moved……

We’re in the throws of moving offices this week, so I apologise to those that follow our newsletters as I haven’t sent anything out for a couple of weeks.

We’re not moving too far and our office phone number is still the same. Feel free to call us.

A warm welcome to our newest member joining our team that some of you will get to know well, so give Alison a call or email her at,

You’ll also notice some small changes on the website, facebook ‘like’ button is now active, new images and property deals, latest news content and more free downloads.

Our Detroit program is still going strong, more of you are joining our program each week and taking advantage of our available financing options. For those that would like a refresh, click the link below for our Detroit decision guide PDF and see exactly what we’re doing for our clients.

download our Detroit investment decision guide.

  1. ajay

    it looksgood but i have one question if i get morgaged and have positive cash flow then why does anyone give me why not do they do by themselves. pl dont mind because i plan to invest for earning not for staying( being an international client)

  2. Ollie

    They do buy Ajay. Investors from all over the world are buying property in the USA right now, including ourselves. You do need money to invest however.