Why Choose Us?

Buying in an overseas market can be daunting without the right connections and help. You will almost certainly need more help than just finding the right property.

We guide all our clients through to completion and beyond with all the neccessary tools to make sure your property investment runs smoothly and remains profitable for years to come:

So why choose us?

Property Acquisition. We have very strong relationships with banks offering us foreclosures before going to market, saving you thousands of dollars.

Property Management. A key person in your investment. Our recommended manager manages our clients properties ONLY.

Refurbishements. All our properties are refurbished using our own team of tradesmen.

Financing. You’ll likely know by now that we are the only company with a mortgage facility for all our clients no matter what nationality you are.

Title Company. Our recommended title company issues a warranty deed and title insurance on every property.

US accountant. Our accountant is based in the UK and happens to be one of only 3 US notaries in the UK!

Insurance. This year, we’ve saved clients 50% on insurance premiums with our recommended insurer!

Tenants. We only place section 8 tenants making sure your rent is paid directly from the government.

After sales support. Our clients know that we’re here to support you whenever you need us.

download our Detroit investment decision guide.