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We’ve just launched our online chat feature which allows anyone who wants to talk with us another great way of doing just that.

When you first go to our website,, you’ll be asked if you would like to talk with an operator. From there you can chat with one of us about all things property!

If you’re not ready to chat with anyone but would still like to later, just look for the “Live Chat” in the top right of the page – click here and you’ll be able to instantly speak to one of our property specialists.

Is Zillow any good?

Well, just to be awkward – Yes and No…

For those that haven’t used Zillow before. Zillow is an online portal where you can search for properties in the USA and find details for it such as; if it’s on the open market, it’s price, previous selling price, size, taxable values and sometimes pictures and maps of it’s location.

Zillow gathers it’s data automatically from various places and collates them into one single page. On the face of it this is a fantastic tool when researching a particular deal or area. The problem is, that the data if very often inaccurate, out-of-date, or corrupted.

Take previous sales prices for example. In the USA, recorded sales prices often don’t take into account the true sales value because taxes, or other liens are often settled outside of the transaction and can quite often run into the thousands. The same can be said about a property’s’ list price. Using Zillow, an online researcher will likely find that the list price does not take into account liens and other conditions or restrictions on the property.

In many market in the USA the number of foreclosures in any given area make it very difficult to assess the true market value of a property. Zillow can only take into account an average price of homes in the area, and does not use any algorithms to assess whether the property is a bank foreclosure, it’s size compared to other properties, it’s condition and many other factors that we would use to determine it’s value.

But it’s not all bad news….

So are we saying we should discount Zillow altogether? Not at all. Zillow gives you a base to start from. Type is any US address and you’ll find some useful information on any property. Using the maps, you can zoom in and see the street views – this is a fantastic tool. You can often find the number of rooms, square footage, garden (lot) size, and other features about the property and compare it to other listings as well.

Our advice….Use Zillow, but understand it’s limits.

What are the top 10 places to invest in the USA?

CNN have put together the top cities in the USA to invest. And guess what, we’re active in half of these markets offering some of the best opportunities in property investment today.

It’s no surpise really. USA property is recognised as the best investments in the world with low prices, high rental yields, large capital rises all in stable and affordable markets. We support CNN’s findings and whilst the data they use might be a little simplistic the results are the same for us.

Read CNN’s full story here

Memphis on the rise with another 1200 jobs being created

The Swedish firm, Elecrolux has begun building it’s $200 million Memphis factory estimated to create another 1200 jobs and give another huge injection to the local economy.

More than likely, it is these new workers that will become our buyers and tenants. Memphis is definatley on the up!

Read the full article here,

Memphis property market forcasts a 7.5% gain within 12 months

Median home price: $280,000
Drop since market peak: 22.3%
Forecast gain by 9/2012: 7.5%

Economic recovery heated up in Memphis last year, with unemployment dropping a full point to 9.4%. That has helped to slow foreclosure filings, which dropped 22% last year.

“We have added jobs lately and we hope to add a lot more in 2011,” said John Gnuschke, director of the Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Memphis.

The housing market will also benefit from its current affordability. “You can get a very nice house for $138,000,” Gnuschke said.

He also pointed out the falling foreclosure numbers in the metro area: They dropped 22% last year and 31% the year before. That means fewer homes going into inventory and a better balance between supply and demand, which will contribute to the steady home price improvement over the next two years.

**latest update**

We our now offering turn-key investments in Memphis with net yields in excess of 15%. Solid refurbished, tenanted and managed properties all with maintenance gurantees. And what’s more, we can now offer low interest financing on many of our properties here!