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I sent out a mail last week offering some of our investors an opportunity to partner directly with us on this very unique investment strategy. The response from you has been phenomenal. So, in order present this opportunity to others, we’ve setup a FREE webinar for you. I’ll be presenting this opportunity, discussing the details in full, explaining just how you can make 50% returns in 12 months investing with us in the USA property markets.

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The webinar will be held Tuesday 11th October at 7pm UK time. Places are limited – I prefer to keep the numbers small so we’ve set a limited number of places available. Make sure you sign up today and secure your place – you will not be disappointed!

When: Tuesday, October 11th, 7pm UK Time
Where: at your own computer!

You’ll be able to join in, ask any questions and be involved as much as you like.

If you can’t wait until the 11th, then give us a call and let’s setup a one-to-one, +44 (0)1253 820 905,

Would you like to make 50% return on your investment in 12 months?

Would you like to make 50% return on your investment in just 12 months or less partnering directly with us?

We are offering a limited and time sensitive opportunity for a few investors to work directly with UPI and make huge returns on your investment in this short period of time following the exact methods that we have been using over the last 2 years…..

Suitable for any investor looking for large returns and has some capital to invest:

• No maintenance
• No tenants
• No property management fees

Interested? Then give us a call. This is a limited opportunity for a few investors to partner directly with UPI!

To take advantage of this opportunity you can call or email me directly and I will setup a one-to-one meeting with you either over the phone or in your home town.

If you’re serious about making these kinds of returns then contact me direct, +44 (0)7871 544 506 or and let’s setup a one-to-one meeting.

Improving our services for our clients

In an effort to improve our services we’ve upgraded our office phone system and now have a second phone line you can reach us on.

Our usual number, +44 (0)845 438 0634. And now our local number +44 (0)1253 820 905.

Later this month we’ll also be launching a ‘chat interface’ on the website. You’ll be able to chat with us directly online at anytime of the day.

Communication plays a huge role for us with our clients as many of you are based in different parts of the world. We want to make sure you can get in touch with us the best way that suits you.

Latest News
Coming soon…..a property investment strategy unique to our clients that will double your profits within 18 months! Interested? Get in touch today…

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Following on from our “Seven Property Investment mistakes to avoid.” We’ve put together a six-part miniseries on investment tips we’d like to share.

For years I’ve seens first-hand investors not following the basic rules of property investing and coming to us looking for help and advice after things have gone wrong.

Investing for the right reasons and getting it right at the beginning is critical but it isn’t hard to do so long as you follow the basic principles of investing.

You can sign up to our six-part miniseries by emailing us and each week you’ll receive a new instalment – A MUST READ for everyone looking to invest in property!

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Why we are investing in the US property markets

When investing in property, cash flow is king. Capital appreciation, whilst profitable, should never be relied upon. When you invest in any property you can control your yield – Simply make money when you buy (equity within the property) and have strong monthly cash flow. Neither of these are achieved investing in the UK markets right now but are available in some US markets.

I agree that our target markets in the USA such as Detroit, Memphis and Orlando have seen unprecedented falls in value over the last five years as much as 70% in some cases. Like any market it is at this point in the cycle when investors make more money than in any other.

Consider some of the emerging European markets of the last 10 years that saw huge capital rises in a short period of time and yet so many investors lost huge amounts of money, but how? The reason is that investors bought for the wrong reasons. They relied on capital rises and financing with no consideration to cash flow – the back bone of any property investment. Subsequently, they couldn’t keep up monthly repayments and couldn’t find anyone to rent their property.

The USA markets are different. They are not emerging markets. They are well established, urban residential areas with a large population of locals who all need a place to live. Rental demand is strong, and there is also a healthy balance of owner occupiers and renters. There are no promises of 100% capital rises, only steady, sensible, organic rises over a medium period whilst all the while giving a high return to the investor of over 13% and also limiting the investors exposure as prices are so low.

The key to successfully investing in the USA is knowing where and what to buy and having the right team in place to manage your investment. Get this right, and your investments will achieve returns far superior to anything you can achieve in the rest of the world.

And it’s well worth it.