Keep it simple – The USA Property Investor way

UPI’s Simple 7 Step Purchase Process:

1. Finding the right property for you:
At any one time we have a selection of properties available for purchase. Because most sell quickly we often work with buyers to identify their strategy and source properties uniquely for them. This might be single family homes, multi units of 2, 3, 4 apartments, or even commercial properties.

2. Contracts & Documentation
We realise that a property transaction can be a tiresome process for a lot of people. We manage the whole process from start to finish.
As with all property transactions there is a lot of paperwork to complete. In preparation to completion, which normally takes around 4-6 weeks we will prepare everything for you and guide you through ensuring a smooth purchase.

3. Mortgages & Finance
We can provide, in most cases suitable finance sometimes as high as 70% LTV. We will guide you through your options and help you make the best decision on whether to finance or not. Every property is different.
We will sort the mortgage package out for you.

4. US Bank Account
We will guide you through the every changing banking sector and make sure you setup the correct bank account suited to your needs.

5. ITIN (International Tax ID)
A US legal requirement states that every overseas property owner that receives rental profit must obtain a US Tax ID. We can put you in touch with the right person able to obtain your ITIN for you, easily and without hassle.

6. Property Management
Our property Management partners are considered the best in the area and specialise in overseas investors. After completion they will take over the day to day management of your new property. Unlike any other management company, they understand the importance of communication through email and are proactive rather than reactive to problems.

7. After Sales Support
We don’t go away once you’ve completed. We’re here to help anytime you need us.

Detroit Investment – A Unique Opportunity

Meet our Detroit partners Mark and Derrick. Listen to them talk about all things property and why the Detroit property market is one of the most profitable investment markets in the world. Follow our blog for a whole series of videos with Mark and Derrick.

Why Choose Us?

Buying in an overseas market can be daunting without the right connections and help. You will almost certainly need more help than just finding the right property.

We guide all our clients through to completion and beyond with all the neccessary tools to make sure your property investment runs smoothly and remains profitable for years to come:

So why choose us?

Property Acquisition. We have very strong relationships with banks offering us foreclosures before going to market, saving you thousands of dollars.

Property Management. A key person in your investment. Our recommended manager manages our clients properties ONLY.

Refurbishements. All our properties are refurbished using our own team of tradesmen.

Financing. You’ll likely know by now that we are the only company with a mortgage facility for all our clients no matter what nationality you are.

Title Company. Our recommended title company issues a warranty deed and title insurance on every property.

US accountant. Our accountant is based in the UK and happens to be one of only 3 US notaries in the UK!

Insurance. This year, we’ve saved clients 50% on insurance premiums with our recommended insurer!

Tenants. We only place section 8 tenants making sure your rent is paid directly from the government.

After sales support. Our clients know that we’re here to support you whenever you need us.

download our Detroit investment decision guide.

Foreign buyers spent a whopping $82 billion on U.S. properties in the past year

Some interesting stats on foreign buyers investing in the US property market.

Foreign buyers spent a whopping $82 billion on U.S. properties in the past year (with the year ending March 2011). This is a $16 billion increase over the previous year. The National Association of Realtors came up with this figure in its recently released report, 2011 Profile of International Home Buying Activity.

U.S. homes (especially with the recent housing market challenges) are less expensive than comparable foreign properties. Owning property here also offers rental opportunities for foreign investors and the opportunity for massive capital growth.

Interestingly, Canadian buyers still remain the largest percentage of foreign buyers, weighing in at 23%. Canadians have topped this bracket for the last four years. Chinese buyers were second highest, at 9% and India, Mexico and the United Kingdom tied for third.

NAR’s report says the average price paid by these international buyers was an impressive $315,000. That’s nearly $100K above the U.S. buying average.

Top buying places include; Memphis, Detroit, Atlanta, Florida and Arizona for foreign investment.

Interestingly, the high average price paid for property at $315,000 is way above the cost of buying in some of our target markets like Detroit, where you can invest in our program from $36,000 and receive a return on investment above 13% on every deal!

download our Detroit investment decision guide.

USA Property Investor is on the move….

We’ve moved……

We’re in the throws of moving offices this week, so I apologise to those that follow our newsletters as I haven’t sent anything out for a couple of weeks.

We’re not moving too far and our office phone number is still the same. Feel free to call us.

A warm welcome to our newest member joining our team that some of you will get to know well, so give Alison a call or email her at,

You’ll also notice some small changes on the website, facebook ‘like’ button is now active, new images and property deals, latest news content and more free downloads.

Our Detroit program is still going strong, more of you are joining our program each week and taking advantage of our available financing options. For those that would like a refresh, click the link below for our Detroit decision guide PDF and see exactly what we’re doing for our clients.

download our Detroit investment decision guide.