The 5 most affordable cities in America

Five of America’s Most Affordable Cities

Omaha, Neb.
Asking Price Rank: 9
Salary Rank: 43
Cost-of-Living Rank: 5
Unemployment Rank: 1

Buffalo, N.Y.
Asking Price Rank: 2
Salary Rank: 47
Cost-of-Living Rank: 1
Unemployment Rank: 12

Detroit, Mich.
Asking Price Rank: 1
Salary Rank: 15
Cost-of-Living Rank: 2
Unemployment Rank: 48

Indianapolis, Ind.
Asking Price Rank: 7
Salary Rank: 31
Cost-of-Living Rank: 4
Unemployment Rank: 24

Cincinnati, Ohio
Asking Price Rank: 4
Salary Rank: 25
Cost-of-Living Rank: 6
Unemployment Rank: 32

Following The Recession, UPI Creates Unique Investment Opportunities For Its Clients.

Detroit’s recession has hit hard in recent times but is now beginning to find its feet again. UPI is leading the way, helping savvy investors apply their investment knowledge in bringing families together who have lost everything and helping them reclaim home life whilst producing fantastic property investments.

In Detroit, the recession struck particularly hard and escalating unemployment along with business closure has meant that many people who lost their jobs were simply unable to find another. The severity of the recession has left an unprecedented number of people finding themselves without the security of a job and a roof over their head.

As things begin to turn a corner, however, what was looking like a dire situation is now one that is offering a great deal of opportunity for those who want to purchase a property in Detroit at this time. Both investors and those now back in employment can look forward to a brighter future as people return to steady jobs and begin looking for somewhere to live and settle with their family.

UPI is assisting investors able to purchase and restore properties in a much needed area. In a region where there is a shortage of over 30,000 rental properties, UPI is now providing this service for its investors.

This real estate organisation is providing a service for investors by taking over the sourcing of quality properties. Those who invest with UPI finance the property deals and are able to gain returns without having to take responsibility for the restoration and management of the rental property. This is a win-win situation in which there is a net increase in the number of rental homes, providing much needed accommodation; plus investors can feel confident that they have secured in-demand, rental property in a location which has strong projections for future appreciation in property values.

This overwhelming demand for rental property means this is the perfect time for investors to enter the Detroit market. Investing here will give the city a much needed boost and will increase positive cash flow for the investor and a faster rate of capital appreciation.

When discussing how this investment system would play a part in rejuvenating Detroit, UPI owner Ollie Booth described what the boom in Detroit property means at this time. ‘Right now the city is changing and this means really great opportunities for investors who are ready to take advantage of that outstanding opportunity’.

Ensuring investors capitalize on this market, ensuring they maximize their cash flow whilst helping the growth of the city.


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